Thursday, May 24, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Big Lies

Republicans keep talking about a massive spending increase under President Obama. In reality, federal spending is rising at its slowest pace since the 1950’s under Dwight Eisenhower. But Republicans don’t spend much time in reality. The amazing thing is that President Obama brought spending under control while he was forced to spend money to fix the disasters that George Bush caused with his spending. Republicans always spend more. Somebody should look into how much the Republicans are spending to portray President Obama as a big spender.

Colin Powell has questioned Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors. That’s good—I get the impression that Mitt Romney never questions his foreign policy advisors about anything. Mitt’s foreign policy team is made up of neoconservatives from the Bush administration. That’s not a team with a winning record!

The policy field where Mitt Romney shows the least amount of knowledge is education. And he’s probably not even aware of the irony. Do you really want our national education policy being made by a guy who went to an elite boarding prep school—let alone a guy who went there and bullied the less elite kids? The way that little Mitt Romney treated the less-than-rich students at boarding school is exactly how he would treat all students if he was in charge of education. If Mitt Romney becomes president, our education system is going to get an involuntary haircut!

Every time Mitt Romney turns his attention to a different problem, all it does is highlight just how unqualified Mitt Romney is to handle that problem. Mitt called education “the civil rights issue of our era.” Great—as he’s shown with his stance on gay marriage, Mitt opposes the other civil rights issues of our era! Romney also vowed to take on the teachers. Of course, Mitt has a long track record of taking on the teachers—like at his prep school when he walked the blind teacher straight into a door. All these big plans for education, but Mitt told a private gathering last month that he would eliminate the Department of Education! Mitt must think we’re stupid. And under his education policies, we would be!

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