Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Exacerbated by trickle-down austerity, the Eurozone unemployment rate has risen to 10.9%

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The European economy is tanking - and trickle-down austerity is to blame. New unemployment numbers show the 17-nation Eurozone now has its highest unemployment rate ever, at 10.9%. And, the two nations with the highest unemployment rates - Spain and Greece - just so happen to be the ones most hooked on austerity.
In Spain, budget cuts and massive government layoffs have driven up the unemployment rate to the Eurozone high of 24.1%. And Spanish youth unemployment is even worse - at a staggering 51.1%. And in Greece - the poster child of European austerity, the unemployment rate stands at 21.7% with more than half of all Greeks under 25-years-old unemployed. Another austerity-bitten nation - the United Kingdom - just officially sank into another recession.
Clearly - austerity - which involves taking money out of working people's pockets - forcing them to spend less and contribute less in revenue to the government - is making the economic situation in Europe far worse. But the banksters and billionaires pushing austerity don't care - just as long as they can squeeze the last bit of wealth left in Europe into their own pockets. But with Nicholas Sarkozy going down in France, the Dutch government collapsing, and civil unrest in the streets from Madrid to London to Athens - then austerity might be breathing its last gasp. Let's hope.
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