Monday, May 7, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Game On!

This weekend President Obama officially kicked off his reelection campaign in the swing states of Ohio and Virginia. The President’s appearances were amid banners with the campaign slogan “Forward.” The right wing has been trying to poison the minds of Americans against that slogan, kind of like they’ve been trying to poison the minds of Americans against the candidate himself. I can see why rightwingers dislike the term “forward.” It does highlight just how backward they are.

President Obama schooled Mitt Romney over Mitt’s assertion that “corporations are people.”  Obama said “Corporations aren’t people. People are people.” Mitt Romney knows some people who would disagree, but I think those people are corporations. Corporations are not people, but we all know some people who act more like corporations—like Mitt Romney, for instance!

In this weekend’s elections, Europe has become even more what the Republicans like to call “European.” Elections in France and in Greece both showed voters clearly rejecting the economic strategy of recovery through austerity. Trying to recover from a recession through economic austerity is like trying to recover from malnutrition with a starvation diet. Austerity isn’t working in Europe. I’m surprised they went for it. They had tried it once before... I think they called that “The Dark Ages.” At least the current brand of austerity doesn’t include mass starvation, plagues, and rampaging barbarians—but I’m sure those were all on the conservatives’ list to try.

There’s a group out there trying to “swift boat” President Obama, who call themselves “Veterans for a Strong America.”  Swift boating involves attacking a candidate for their strongest point. And Mitt Romney is basically immune—he has no strong points! The original swift boaters attacked John Kerry for being a war hero. These new swift boaters are attacking President Obama for getting Osama bin Laden. Well, now we know the things you have to avoid doing to avoid being attacked by swift boaters—don’t serve your country, and whatever you do, don’t remove terrorist threats.

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President Obama kicking off his reelection campaign in Columbus, OH...

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