Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thom Hartmann: The President is set to deliver his State of the Union address tonight - What will he talk about?

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Early reports indicate the President will focus on the issues that are absent from most Republicans debates, which are help for the middle class, ways to reduce wealth inequality, and a plan for renewable energy. Despite 22 straight months of private sector job creations, glimmers of hope in an economic recovery, and one fewer war abroad since the President took office three years ago - the state of our union is still weak.
There's massive inequality - rivaling that of third world nations. There are still 5 million homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. There are 49 million Americans living in poverty, including 1-out-of-5 children. There's instability in the Middle East as a result of our addiction to foreign oil. The list goes on.
We need revolutionary change in America as the millions who've taken to the streets since the 99% Movement began have demanded. Unfortunately - until we get money out of politics, end corporate personhood, and say that money is property, not speech - real change will be hard to come by. And sadly - it's unlikely the President will call for a Constitutional Amendment tonight to end the great sell-off of our democracy. But we can still keep the pressure on him - go to MoveToAmend.org.
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