Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Dueling Dumpers

Down and dirty debates, and dueling document dumps! The State of the Union Address can’t come soon enough. Yes there was yet another debate last night. I want one of these losers to win just so we can end these debates once and for all. Last night Romney attacked Gingrich as a slimy influence peddler, and Newt attacked Mitt as a desperate hypocrite. Gentlemen, please! You’re both right! Mitt was trying to regain the offensive. Good luck with that—Newt IS the offensive.

Both Newt and Mitt have performed a massive dump of documents in the past 24 hours. And that’s not the first time either of those guys has been associated with the phrase “massive dump.” Newt Gingrich released his lobbying contract with Freddie Mac. Of course, Newt would tell you he released his “consulting” contract with Freddie Mac, but a glance at the contract confirms otherwise. During the time Newt says he wasn’t lobbying for Freddie Mac, he was reporting to the person in charge of lobbying at Freddie Mac. If Newt was really there just to provide advice, his first piece of advice should have been to point out that they had him reporting to the wrong person. Newt only released a one-year contract of his with Freddie Mac. He worked for them for eight years and made $1.8 million. One lousy year? Newt, are you trying to pull a “Mitt” on us?

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney released his 2010 tax returns and an estimate for 2011. This will just make people hungry for more, but they won’t be hungry until they’re through being sick over what they see on these returns. Mitt made $12.6 million in capital gains, $4.9 million in dividends, and $3.3 million in interest. How do I get that job? Oh that’s right—it’s not a job at all. In 2010, Mitt paid an effective tax rate of about 13.9 percent. That’s not very “effective” at all. Next year, Mitt’s estimates show that he will pay a tax rate of 15.4 percent. And that’s the number he manipulated to look good on this release! Mitt Romney literally can’t pay a fair tax rate if he tries to! Mitt said his tax bill is “entirely legal and fair.” Well, he’s half right.

Ugh! What a pair Newt and Mitt are! These two deserve everything they hit each other with. And the Republican Party deserves to end up getting stuck with one of them.

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