Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Randi Rhodes: SOTU Smackdown

That was quite a State of the Union speech. What kind of corner have the Republicans painted themselves into? Now they have to sit on their hands every time good news gets mentioned. The President reported that the state of our union was strong and getting better. But from the looks on their faces, the Republicans in Congress have little interest in being part of that Union. The Republicans looked like they were sitting through the funeral speech for a loved one. In a sense they were—it was a funeral speech for the recession that meant so much to Republicans. The more things come together for America, the more the Republicans’ plans fall apart.

The President sketched out a plan for economic growth, borrowing the phrase “built to last” from the auto industry that he saved... the same industry that Mitt Romney wanted to let go under. The phrase “Built to last” means nothing to a vulture capitalist like Mitt Romney. His slogan should be “Killed for profit.” Obama also called for Congress to pass the “Buffet rule” which would make sure that those making over a million dollars pay at least 30 percent in taxes. Too bad it’s already called the “Buffet rule,” because it would be just too perfect to call it the “Romney rule.” To illustrate his point, Obama had Warren Buffet’s actual secretary in the audience! Psyche! Hey Republicans, I think you just got “Buffeted.” The President also said he will have the Attorney General go after those who engage in deceptive and abusive lending practices, or as conservatives call it, “banking.”

Mitt Romney released his tax returns yesterday in the hope that they would be overshadowed by the State of the Union speech. It turns out that they were highlighted by the speech. You couldn’t help but think of Mitt when the President was talking about leveling the playing field—Mitt Romney is like a giant 50-foot rock jutting out right in the middle of the playing field. Obama was referencing Romney again when he said “When Americans talk about folks like me paying my fair share of taxes, it’s not because they envy the rich.” I’m sure Mitt Romney heard that and thought “He’s just jealous!” Thanks for the material, Mitt. If speeches had writer’s credits, they would have to list a “special thanks” to Mitt Romney on this one.

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