Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Randi Rhodes; The Dog Whistler

Last night the Republicans held their first of two South Carolina debates. Holding a Republican debate in South Carolina on Martin Luther King Day is like organizing a bunny hunt for Easter Sunday. But then I’m sure Martin Luther King Day means about as much to conservatives as Labor Day means for Mitt Romney. These are the people who insisted that President Obama reschedule an address to a joint session of Congress so that Rick Perry could make his debate debut. Of course they wouldn’t think twice about scheduling their debate for Martin Luther King Day. Actually, Martin Luther King Day would be totally appropriate for a thoughtful examination of the issues confronting this country. But that’s the last thing you’re going to see at a Republican debate.

This being South Carolina, the candidates served up huge helpings of raw meat, and of course Newt Gingrich was the head butcher. Juan Williams confronted Newt over comments that were insulting to minorities (video below). Naturally, Newt responded with comments that were insulting to minorities. He literally sneered and rolled his eyes as he responded to Williams, saying “First of all, Juan...” The way Newt said “Juan,” you could almost see him making air quotes with his hands. It was like he was saying “Why don’t you call yourself John like a real American?” (Incidentally Juan, how’s that job at Fox News working out for you? Remember, when he’s not running for President, Newt also works at Fox News. It’s going to be very awkward next time he runs into Juan Williams in the break room.)

Mitt called the super-PAC attacks on his record at Bain “probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot.” I guess Mitt just lost all the voters who believe in Bigfoot. But then, odds are, those people are already confirmed Ron Paul supporters. When asked if he had been hunting recently, Mitt said that yes, he had been in Montana hunting moose. Then he corrected himself and said he had actually been hunting elk. They’re all the same. You know—the really big varmints. What does Mitt Romney do if he takes down an elk? Does he extract all of its assets and force the elk into bankruptcy?

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Happy MLK Day, South Carolina! Newt doubles down on child labor for poor kids and continues to demonize people receiving food assistance...

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