Monday, April 23, 2012

The Worldwide Recession & Austerity has led to Global Unemployment & Civil Unrest

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The United States isn't the only nation dealing with chronic unemployment - the rest of the world is too! A new report by the World Bank says that the global economy needs to create 200 million jobs to recover from the worldwide recession and reach full employment. Twenty-seven million jobs were lost around the world when the economy went in the tank in 2008 - and subsequent job growth hasn't been nearly strong enough to keep up with the 40 million new people who enter the workforce every single year.
Austerity measures in several European nations from Greece to Spain to the U.K. have crippled economies and mobilized working people into the streets. Major demonstrations in Denmark and the Czech Republic were held over the week to protest against austerity too. And in France - austerity may just end up costing the President his job.
One way to create jobs is to unleash a green revolution around the world to cut carbon emissions and use energy more efficiently. Now only if we can get the oil barons out of the way to get started.
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