Monday, April 2, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Waiting For Justice

Experts say that the person heard screaming on the 911 tape of the Trayvon Martin killing was not George Zimmerman. It’s nice to have experts, but I could have told you who was screaming for help—just by looking at who needed help that night. And it wasn’t George Zimmerman. Claiming that Trayvon’s screams were his own just compounds what George Zimmerman did. Those screams are Trayvon’s last words—and George Zimmerman tried to take those last words from him and use them in his own defense.

The video of the unscathed George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police station is being compared to the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination. There is one big difference—the Zapruder film didn’t definitively settle anything. The video shows George Zimmerman’s head in pristine form. The thing that takes a brutal beating in that video is George Zimmerman’s story. If you inspected a carton of eggs and they all looked like the back of George Zimmerman’s head in this video, you would say “all good!” and buy the eggs. It’s possible there are some small marks on the back of Zimmerman’s head that don’t show up in the video. But they wouldn’t fall under the heading of “lacerations.” They would be what mothers have always referred to as a “boo boo.”

Ann Coulter says that the Trayvon Martin killing does not implicate Stand Your Ground laws. Stand Your Ground laws allow people to shoot anyone who they feel threatened by. It’s odd that they are being defended by a woman who constantly threatens everyone.

Even if you didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot, you may have won the office pool if you had March 2012 as the month that Keith Olbermann would get fired from his job at Current TV. Current TV said that Keith Olbermann was fired for “serial, material breach of contract.” But really, he was fired for being Keith Olbermann. You’d think they’d know this was bound to happen. After all, they hired him for being Keith Olbermann.

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The funeral director who handled Trayvon's burial says there were no signs of a fight or struggle on his body - just the bullet hole...

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