Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Ryan Exposed

Today, President Obama shredded Paul Ryan’s budget plan. He did it verbally, but it would have been a nice touch if he had physically fed it into a shredder as well. President Obama called the Ryan plan as a “Trojan horse.” The only difference is that at least the Trojan horse was well designed. Odd, that the Republicans would use a Trojan horse. They’re so dead-set against birth control that I wouldn’t think they would want to use any kind of Trojan. The President also called the Ryan budget “nothing but thinly veiled social Darwinism.” Even more irony! The Republicans don’t believe in Darwin any more than they believe in using Trojans.

Paul Ryan boasts that his budget plan has a “new approach” to Medicare. Yeah, his new approach is to sneak up on Medicare from behind and strangle it. Ryan says his plan will “guarantee quality affordable health care for seniors” by “forcing insurance companies to compete.” The only competition among insurance companies will be to see who can run away from the sick and the elderly faster. There is a reason that Paul Ryan looks so scary-creepy. It’s God’s way of warning us that he is dangerous. It’s the same reason a rattlesnake has a rattle.

The only good news is that, no matter how bad Paul Ryan’s budget plan is for you, it’s even worse for the Republican Party. By embracing the Ryan plan, the Republicans are falling into a trap. The delicious part is that it’s a trap they set all by themselves. Ryan’s plan kills Medicare, gives billions in tax breaks to the very rich, and destroys the middle class. It looks like it was designed by a lunatic… or somebody working for the Obama reelection campaign. The GOP wants to sell this disastrous budget by saying it proves Republicans will make the tough choices. All it proves is that Republicans will make the wrong choices.

The FBI is trying to determine if George Zimmerman was racially motivated in his pursuit of Trayvon Martin. I don’t think George was after Trayvon’s Skittles. I would guess Zimmerman’s actions in chasing Trayvon were racially motivated, based just on the fact that we’re talking about someone named “Trayvon” and not “Trevor” or “Trisha.”

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In addition to eviscerating Paul Ryan's budget earlier today, President Obama also got in laugh in at Romney's expense...

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