Monday, April 23, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Out On Bail

George Zimmerman is out of jail. Let’s hope that the ankle bracelet he has to wear is more able to hold him back than that poor police dispatcher was. He should have to wear an earpiece with a recording that periodically tells him “OK, we don’t need you to do that,” just in case.

There is a task force in Florida that has been appointed to look into the Stand Your Ground laws. All of the lawmakers on the task force voted for, or actually co-sponsored Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. This task force is going to exonerate the Stand Your Ground laws more quickly than the Sanford Police exonerated George Zimmerman.

Senator Marco Rubio says he thinks that George W. Bush did “a fantastic job” as president. That alone should disqualify Rubio from running for vice president. Heck, that should disqualify Rubio from operating heavy machinery. Somebody really should be checking Marco Rubio for signs of a concussion. To be fair, George Bush’s time as president was fantastic, if by fantastic you mean “rooted in fantasy.”

Mitt Romney lacks transparency... beyond the fact that you can see right through that phony, that is. Mitt seems to have contempt for the idea of public disclosure. It goes well with his contempt for the public in general. Why won’t Mitt release his tax returns? I would be shocked if there was anything illegal in them. But I have a feeling I would be even more shocked by what is in them that actually IS legal.

Mitt Romney has hired an openly gay spokesman. That’s a shock. If there are two things Mitt Romney is definitely against, it’s being gay, and being open. Where did Mitt find a supporter who was openly gay? If you are openly gay, and you support Mitt Romney... you are also openly insane. Actually, Richard Grenell, though gay, is a close-minded misogynist with arch-conservative views. The only good thing about this guy is how much his sexual orientation drives conservatives crazy. 

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