Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Randi Rhodes: S**t Romneys Say

Today is tax day... unless you’re Mitt Romney, or as rich as Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney doesn’t really have to pay taxes any more than Ann Romney has to work at Burger King. Mitt filed for a tax extension last Friday. How could he not be ready? Didn’t he see tax day coming? Mitt, as President of the United States you would have to deal with things that sneak up on you even more than that! For whatever reason, Mitt decided he was better off with the embarrassment of being late with his taxes than he would be with the embarrassment of whatever is on his taxes.

On that note, Mitt Romney has addressed the “dog on the roof” story again. When asked about the dog this time, Mitt actually showed remorse. Of course, since it was Mitt Romney, it wasn’t remorse for what he did. It was remorse for the fact that it has generated so much negative press. When asked if he would do it again, Mitt said “Certainly not, with the attention it’s received.” Wow! It’s another version of “We can’t have illegals. I’m running for office for Pete’s sake!” Classic Romney! At the time, the doggie-panic-fear-diarrhea didn’t sway Mitt’s opinion, but now the fact that it’s hurting his image has made him think twice. The bottom line is that Mitt Romney doesn’t live in a world of right and wrong—he lives in a world of what looks right and what looks wrong.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Ann Romney was still defending the roof treatment for the dog! Ann Romney has doubled down on doggie diarrhea! During the interview, Ann jumped into the dog mess, so to speak. She said “The dog loved it.” Right. He was so happy he crapped himself! Looking back on the times in my life on the moments when I was the happiest, I never responded like Seamus the dog did. Good thing, too, or I would have ruined quite a few Kodak moments.

When Mitt was asked if he had anything to tell President Obama, he said “Start packing.” Ugh! When Mitt tries to sound like a tough guy, he just ends up sounding like a rich guy, again. Sorry, Mitt—if Clint Eastwood says “Start packing,” he looks macho. But when Thurston Howell III says “start packing,” he just looks privileged.

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As expected, Senate Republicans killed the Buffett Rule yesterday via filibuster, but not before Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had his say...

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