Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Children are the biggest victims of the current housing crisis

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In 2008 - Wall Street got bailed out - and homeowners got sold out. And now - it's the children who are the biggest victims of the ongoing housing crisis. According to a new report from First Focus and the Brookings Institute - more than 8.3 million children are facing the direct consequences of home foreclosures.
Already - more than two million children have seen their homes foreclosed on since 2008, and another six million children are at risk of being foreclosed on. In California alone - more than a half-million children have gone through the foreclosure process - seeing firsthand what it's like to have their home taken away from them.
Families that are foreclosed on have a higher risk of living in poverty - and children growing up in poverty - as nearly 16 million currently are in the United States - are more likely to drop out of school and commit crime. Not only did Wall Street steal $7 trillion worth of wealth from the middle class - but they also stole a generation of young people too.
And yet still - not a single bankster is in jail.
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