Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Flag this message The Nominee

Well, it definitely seems that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. Mitt is inevitable—just like death and taxes. But then, if you’re as rich as Mitt Romney, taxes aren’t inevitable at all.

Mitt may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that the hardcore base of the Republican Party has to accept the inevitable. Heck, they refuse to accept that Obama won in 2008, and that actually already happened. Conservatives face the prospect of voting for a nominee that they refuse to accept as their nominee in order to defeat a president that they refuse to accept as their president. They simply refuse to accept reality. Some states are very red, but the reddest state of all is the state of denial.

Rick Santorum must struggle to remain relevant. But then you get the feeling that’s been the case for Rick for his entire life. Now Rick has to try to win his home state of Pennsylvania. He’s failed to do it in the past. That’s why he’s “former Pennsylvania Senator” Rick Santorum. Pennsylvania is where Rick Santorum is best known. And when you’re Rick Santorum, that’s not a good thing for your electoral prospects. Last night, Rick told his supporters “the clock starts tonight!” Take another look, Rick. If your clock doesn’t say that your time has run out, then I think your clock has stopped. But then we knew that Rick’s clock had stopped, just from the fact that he’s living in 1956.

Rush Limbaugh called President Obama “a thug” over comments that Obama made about the Supreme Court. I don’t know what it takes to be a true “thug,” but I think you have to do more than make mildly critical comments. From what Rush said, you would think that Obama had the presidential limo drive by the Supreme Court while he sprayed it with automatic weapons fire. The President said that he was “confident” that the Supreme Court would uphold the healthcare law, and that they “should understand” the individual mandate is necessary. Somebody call 911! Classic—conservatives think that they should be allowed to carry guns and shoot down anyone who they find threatening, but if the President of the United States makes a legal point, he’s stepped over the line!

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