Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Occupying Foreclosed Homes is now Underway

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Occupy Wall Street is going off in a new direction today - occupying foreclosed homes. A day of action is planned today in 25 cities across America - including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to help Americans hardest hit by foreclosure. Occupy Wall Street patriots will take to the suburbs to stop cops from evicting people from their homes - and they'll begin "occupying" already foreclosed and vacant homes.
According to a press release from the "Occupy Our Homes" movement: "We, the 99%, are standing up to Wall Street banks and demanding they negotiate with homeowners instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them." The bankster-caused Housing crisis sucked $7.7 trillion in wealth out of the middle class.
It's time to start getting that money back, home-by-home, bank-by-bank.
(How well do you think this will work? Tell us here.)

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