Thursday, December 15, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Rightwing Mormonphobes

Randi's on vacation this week (back Mon, 12/19), but our good friend David Sirota is filling in from our Denver affiliate AM760. David has several topics boiling over today, including:

Mitt Romney still has a good chance of winning the 2012 GOP presidential nomination but many on the right still have major questions about Romney's Mormon faith. Is Mormonism a cult, as some on the right claim? Should it even matter?

With the fourteenth GOP primary debate coming up tonight, the polls keep shifting and Ron Paul keeps picking up momentum. What are the ramifications for the GOP (and for the rest of us) of such a hardcore anti-government libertarian is pulling ahead?

The NTSB released a statement in support of banning ALL cellphones and text device usage in vehicles - even handsfree devices. However, Americans are strongly in favor of keeping their mobile technology, no matter what the data says. How dangerous is it to talk and drive and does the NTSB have any real power to take your phone away from you?

Finally, David will also have journalist and writer Glenn Greenwald of join the show to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act, that now appears to be headed for the President's desk for signature.

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FLASHBACK: Randi interviewed Ron Paul back in February. She drilled down on his core beliefs and separated libertarian fantasy from real-world reality. Plus she got Ron Paul to weigh in on the corporatist-ownership of the Tea Party...

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