Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Is The Middle Class an Endangered Species Now?

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The middle class is becoming an endangered species in America. According to the latest census data - half of the country is now living in poverty or just scraping by in a low-income lifestyle. And this problem is being made worse as conservative Governors cut funding to critical social welfare programs. A survey of 29 mayors around America found that 1-in-4 Americans in need of food assistance did not receive any help.
Since the banksters wrecked our economy - 4 million homes have been foreclosed on - and each year more than one-and-a-half million children end up homeless. Meanwhile corporate CEOs saw a 40% increase last year in their pay. And at 25 of our biggest corporations, CEOs were paid more than the entire corporation paid in taxes.
And the folks at GOP TV still can't understand why people are occupying the streets? It's the inequality, stupid!
(What do you think it will take for them to get it? Tell us here.)

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