Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Lt. Dan Choi & Year's Worst Predictions

Happy Boxing Day!

Randi's on vacation this week and will return on Monday, January 2. Our good friend Nicole Sandler is sitting in today with an all new show featuring:

Army veteran and civil rights activist Lt. Dan Choi on the long battle against the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that was finally won this year, along with several other battles Americans have yet to win - including the fight to free Bradley Manning.

Dave Weigel of Slate.com on the topic of the day in the 2012 GOP race: the extremist tendencies of Rep. Ron Paul and how many in the media (including all of us) remember covering the same story four years ago. Plus, Dave will rundown the dumbest political preditions of the year - including his own.

Comedian Amy Simon of Sheshistory.com will recap the top women's events in 2011.

Plus, Nicole will continue her year-end review. Today, it's February, March, and April.

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