Monday, December 12, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Newt`s To Lose

Randi's on vacation this week (back Mon, 12/19), but our good friend Nicole Sandler is filling in today. We bet you $10,000 that she'll recap Saturday night's GOP debate and look at the upcoming Iowa Caucus, as well as welcome the following guests:

Peter Nagy, Assistant Director for New York Communities for Change and Lead Organizer on housing and foreclosure campaigns. Nagy has been one of the leaders in the fight to get municipalities to divest from JP Morgan Chase, and he is one of the key planners for the Occupy our Homes actions taking place in New York and around the country as part of the latest phase of the Occupy Movement.

Greg Palast, BBC investigative journalist and author of the new book "Vultures Picnic" will be calling in from Burlington, Vermont, the latest stop on his One Percent tour. Greg will update us on whether or not BP has followed through this year on their promises and what the latest international climate agreement signed over the weekend will mean - if anything.

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