Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Would You Occupy Long Beach?

As a lot of you might have heard, and some even seen, Occupy Long Beach began on Saturday, October 8th. At the corner of Long Beach Blvd. and Ocean, the peaceful protest manifested slowly from organizers and passers-by.

Many of the people there were more than happy to educate pedestrians walking by and even the occasional person in their car that happened to be at a red light. The re-occurring slogan on many of the signs and many of the chants was a simple "We Are The 99%"

The slogan refers to the way that 99 percent of the American population has been affected and is struggling due to the poor economy. Some spoke about the unfair bail outs that Congress granted to some banks and car companies while they gave their CEO's huge bonuses and fired hundreds of people. Others expressed their concerns over the failng education system due to the mis-management of money in government.

The next step for Occupy Long Beach is another peaceful gathering on Sunday, October 9th at Bluff Park at the corner of Cherry and Ocean at 3PM. Any of you who are interested in supporting or even just checking it out, feel free to swing by and ask questions; the answers you get might surprise you. Why would you occupy Long Beach? What do you think of the protest in general?

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