Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Reagan's Curse

As this nifty video mash-up demonstrates, President Obama and President Reagan say the exact same thing about taxes on millionaires. Reagan was speaking back in the day when Republicans had to adopt some sane policies to appeal to the majority of Americans. These days they advocate insane policies so that they can appeal to their lunatic-fringe base. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have prayer of getting the Republican nomination these days. And not just because he’s dead. Being dead is less of a disqualifier for the Republican nomination this year than some of Ronald Reagan’s policies would be.

ESPN pulled the Hank Williams, Jr. song that usually introduces Monday Night Football after some inappropriate comments Hank made on Fox News. I know what you’re thinking—isn’t that what Fox News is for? Williams said that John Boehner and President Obama playing golf a while ago was “like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Wow. It’s hard to be inappropriate and incomprehensible at the same time, but Hank pulled it off. That dumb “All My Rowdy Friends” song has been the Monday Night Football theme for so long that I thought Hank Williams, Senior wrote it. But then that couldn’t be—Hank Senior wrote good songs. Hank Junior rode on his daddy’s good name for his entire career—and he still managed to make a shambles of it. No wonder he’s a Republican—he’s the country music version of George Bush.

Representative Donna Edwards has introduced a bill for a Constitutional amendment to ban corporate money from politics. But first, that bill is going to actually attract a lot of political money—to make sure it never passes. Basically this amendment says “Corporations are NOT people!” The sad thing is that we have to spell that out in law.

Fox News has been sending out news crews to make the Wall Street protestors look dumb by selectively cutting up the interviews… as opposed to making the Tea Party people look dumb, which was just a matter of rolling tape. I wonder which one is the bigger challenge for Fox News—to make the Wall Street protestors look like lunatics, or to make the Tea Party look like anything except lunatics?

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Sorry, GOP, looks like you're stuck with the losers you've got...

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