Monday, October 31, 2011

Randi Rhodes: OWS Endures & Raising Cain

It’s Halloween, and the streets are full of kids, wandering around in colorful costumes. Some of them are trick-or-treaters, and some of them are evicted Occupy Wall Street protestors. Protestors in some cities are having no more success in occupying Wall Street than the people who are facing foreclosure by the Wall Street banks are having in occupying their own homes. In both cases, the money people who run things are calling in the cops to evict people so that they can go on making money. This weekend, arrests took place in Portland, Oregon and in Austin, Texas. Those are two of the most progressive cities in America. This would be like a Tea Party rally getting evicted from Casper, Wyoming! In San Diego, protesters were arrested for “encroachment.” Isn’t that just a 5-yard penalty? They should have declined it and taken the down.

The good economic news is that consumer spending. The bad news is that it’s only a handful of consumers who are doing all the spending. The top 20 percent of income earners now account for over half of total household spending. And that money isn’t going to you—unless your name is Tiffany, Inc. They always say consumer spending drives the economy. These days, it’s being driven in a Mercedes.

Herman Cain may have had his mask removed before Halloween even got here. Politico has published a story saying that Herman Cain displayed inappropriate behavior with two female employees in the 1990’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if Herman Cain said something inappropriate—I’ve yet to hear him say anything appropriate. If Herman Cain is as confusing in his approach to a woman as he is in explaining his stance on abortion, I can see where you would get some mixed signals at the very least.

Team-Cain hasn’t been doing a very good job of answering questions about the allegations. Herman probably misses the good old days when he only had to answer questions like “Who is the president of Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan?” These allegations make it sound like Herman Cain may not be qualified to President of the United States. The good news for him is that he’s still qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

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Herman Cain ran to Fox News earlier today to confirm the allegations but deny any wrongdoing..

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