Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Love Ins & Genocidal Mobs

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that the Occupy Wall Street protestors can stay. It seems somebody in the mayor’s office looked up the definition of the word “occupy.” Of course, they have to stay—they’re “Occupy Wall Street.” It wouldn’t be much of a movement if it was “Visit Wall Street,” Drop By Wall Street,” or “Check In On Wall Street If the Weather Is Good.” Anyway, with the pace that New York City tears down and puts up new buildings, the protest itself will soon be one of the oldest things in the neighborhood, right up there with Trinity Church and Federal Hall. I’m sure that since the protests started a few weeks ago, the neighborhood has gone through several new Starbucks, a half dozen new Duane Reade pharmacies, and a couple of Ray’s Original Pizzas. The Mayor says that the protestors can stay as long as they obey the laws. And the protestors plan to stay until they change the laws.

Now the rightwing says the real agenda of the Wall Street protestors is public sex. On Hardball, GOP strategist Ron Christie described “college students who are out having sex on the lawn.” He said the protestors are just a bunch of “people who admit they’re just there to be part of a good time, people are taking drugs, people who are breaking the law.” Actually, he sounds more like he’s describing the people who work on Wall Street. Bottom line—the people at the protests aren’t there to get screwed, they’re there because they are tired of getting screwed.

At the same time, Glenn Beck is warning the world that the protestors “will kill everybody.” Don’t worry, Glenn—from what we understand, these people are way too busy having public sex to kill anybody.

But wait! Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy says the “number one reason” people are going to the protests is “free food.” Hey, after all that sex and killing, you’re going to have worked up quite an appetite. Doocey said “On the third day they had smoked salmon with cream cheese.” Wow! According to Fox, not only is the revolution televised, it’s catered!

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