Sunday, October 16, 2011

Police Waking Up Protesters Through Out The Night - Not Letting them Sleep

It's an accurate statement except for the part where the rules are getting stricter throughout the night. 10pm we moved the tents per city ordinance 9.42.110 and police instruction. 10:15 we were told to take down tents but ok to sleep in chair or sleeping bag. 1145ish they said we had to sleep sitting up. Now at 230 we are told we can't shelter from the elements while sleeping. Rules are getting more uncomfortable all night. We intend to stay awake all night. Please post this to Facebook etc. Our spirits are high and we have peacefully complied with every police request.
#####URGENT!! CALL TO ACTION!! Please come down to Lincoln Park TODAY!!! to hold camp so those that were up all night can get some sleep!!!
W Broadway and Pacific Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

Thank you for showing your support yesterday on our first day of Occupation. It was a rousing success with hundreds demonstrating their support for the Occupy movement. We must continue to show support for Occupy to sustain and grow.
Last night, on the first night of occupation, the city erected flood lights that kept our occupiers awake all night. In addition, the police after asking them to move to the sidewalk continue to wake up and harass the occupiers. They are exhausted and most likely a bit frazzled by lack of sleep.
Each of you have shown a willingness and belief in the Occupy movement. We are asking that you take action today to demonstrate your support.

· Occupy Long Beach is asking that you show up at the park to lend a hand and give our occupiers some relief from occupying the park so they can go home and get some sleep.

· Also, we need a large turnout to attend the general assembly (GA) tonight at 6 pm at Lincoln Park which will be determining whether or not to proceed with civil disobedience. Civil disobedience may be our only recourse to sustain the occupation and the purpose of Occupy Long Beach. This is a critical issue and we need your voice.

· If Occupy Long Beach does engage in civil disobedience we will need as many supporters as possible to join us. What this means and the consequences will be reviewed at the GA meeting.

It is absolutely essential the 99% shout loud enough for city hall to hear that we have first amendment rights, that our movement will not move from Lincoln Park, that Occupy Long Beach will survive in the long run.

Please show us your support now and tonight! Occupy Long Beach and the occupiers need you.

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