Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Reply to Someone with a Different Opinion then Mine

I understand you point. I am just trying to open the eyes to the people that do vote, to Stop Voting Against their Best Interests, to stop believing the Lies - I agree that EVERYONE should Vote no matter what - even if you have to pick the lesser of evils- If you do not Vote, then you should Not Complain - I will always fight for Justice - I am fighting for Corporate accountability, I am Against Crony Capitalism - I want Money Out of Politics - I want America to invest in itself instead of Out Sourcing to other countries - I am not looking for hand outs - All I am asking for is Truth in Advertisement - Give us what We Paid for with our money, blood, sweat & tears - Invest in Education - Knowledge is Power, which is why they keep cutting funds to education - we are more easily controlled if we are dumb - I believe things will change for the better if enough people care and I am pleased with the response! Thank you my Friend!! oxoxoxox

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