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WANTED: Jose Garibay - Call 911 ASAP if you see him!

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AYoung Calif. Girl's Night Of Terror
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Jose Garibay, picured here relaxing at home, worked in the fields of a local vinyard in Ukiah, Calif. Jose and a friend Julio Ceja are suspected in the kidnapping and rape of a teenage girl on July 26, 2008.
On July 26, 2008, a teenage girl was with friends at a local hangout in Boonville, Calif., when she ran into an acquaintance, 18-year-old Julio Ceja.
Ceja invited her to go cruising around town.
According to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, the girl hopped into a pickup truck with Julio and his friend, 28-year-old Jose Garibay. Police say the men pulled out of the parking lot blasting music and drinking beer, and tossing their empty bottles out of the window as they cruised down Highway 128.
But when Garibay pulled off the highway, the girl began to feel uneasy.
“Where are we going?” she yelled. Police say Ceja lowered the volume and said, “We’re going to [expletive] rape you.” The girl sat in disbelief for several minutes, not knowing if the men were serious or joking, but her suspicions were quickly confirmed when Garibay pulled the truck to the side of the road.
Ceja allegedly reached back and grabbed the girl by the hair, pulled her out of the truck and forced her to the ground. According to Mendocino Detective Andrew Whiteaker, Ceja sat on the girl's chest and held down her arms as Garibay pulled off her shorts and raped her. It’s alleged that after that, the two men switched places, and she was raped by Ceja. But the terror had just started: Police say Ceja and Garibay threw the girl back in the truck and continued to drive. She feared for her life and knew she had to do something.
She used her legs to kick out the passenger side window and tried to crawl out while the vehicle was still moving. Angered by her attempt to get away, Detective Whiteaker says Ceja and Garibay pulled over and assaulted the girl yet again.
When they were done, the men allegedly shoved her into the front seat of the truck and continued to drive next to a creek. The girl overheard the men talking in Spanish. She understood enough to know they were talking about the creek, and she began to fear they were planning to drown her. She summoned a level of courage that she can only explain as “instinct” and grabbed the steering wheel away from Garibay.
The truck flew into a ditch. The girl immediately jumped out the side window she had broken earlier. She told police Garibay flew out of the driver’s side door and came after her. Preparing to fight a man twice her size, she picked up two broken beer bottles lying at her feet and swung, cutting him all over his body and face. She knew this was her only opportunity to get away.
Running For Her Life
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Police released this photo of the truck driven by Jose Garibay on the night of July 26, 2008. Garibay is wanted in Mendocino County for kidnapping and rape.
With no shoes on, the terrified girl ran through the woods and onto a highway for a total of five miles. She made her way to a friend’s house, and then finally into a hospital bed. Her feet were so torn up “they looked like hamburger,” according to Detective Andrew Whiteaker, who interviewed her later that morning. From underneath a pile of blankets with debris in her hair, she wept and softly spoke of the ordeal.
Many months later, Julio Rengal Ceja and Jose Garibay have still not been caught. Both men are wanted by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on multiple counts of kidnapping and rape in concert with force.
If you know where either of these men are, call our Hotline at 1-800-CRIME-TV. If you are calling from Mexico you can reach our Hotline at 001-800-CRIME-TV. Remember: You can remain anonymous.

Wanted For:
Rape ; Jul 26, 2008
Kidnapping , Boonville , CA ; Jul 26, 2008 (Information valid as of September 24, 2010)
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»September 25, 2010

Police released this photo of the truck driven by Jose Garibay on the night of July 26, 2008. Garibay is wanted in Mendocino County for kidnapping and rape.

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