Monday, September 27, 2010

Randi Rhodes: New Tapes

Bill Maher has released this week’s Christine O’Donnell Crazy Quote from the Politically Incorrect archives (video below). Bill is like the people who are combing the tape vaults of the Grateful Dead to keep on releasing new recordings… except that Christine O’Donnell probably has more hours of dumb quotes than the Grateful Dead have hours of concert recordings. On the latest release, Christine calls evolution a “myth.” I think Christine misunderstands the word “myth.” The stuff with all the research and data? That’s science. The stuff about the guy in the sky with the long beard creating the earth in six days? That’s the myth. Then she asks “Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” Christine, all species are constantly changing over time. You yourself are proof that humans may be gradually losing our higher brain functions. I shouldn’t say that. There’ doesn’t seem to be anything gradual about it. Christine, if you only believe what you can see in front of your eyes, a person would think that the earth is flat. I shouldn’t say that—I have no idea what Bill Maher’s Christine clip for next week is going to be about.
Somebody else dug up an old clip where O’Donnell says we can and should stop everyone in the country from having sex. Christine, you can’t stop people from having sex. It’s a basic desire we inherited from our primate ancestors. Oh, I guess that’s not a point you’re likely to concede. Let’s put it this way, Christine—God made us incurably horny. There, does that work better?
If any clip is going to cause Christine problems, it’s a clip in which she reacts to a question about transvestitism from Eddie Izzard. Christine is rational. She’s almost understanding. And that is simply not consistent with her views on anything else. Of course, what’s a little cross-dressing, after you’ve attended Satanic picnics? “Go ahead and wear your wigs and platform shoes. That’s nothing to me. I’ve eaten egg salad with the Devil.”
In the meantime, let’s all stay tuned for more releases from the Christine tape archives. I hope they do something from her run at the Fillmore East back in ’71. I had that on cassette in college, and it was killer.

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