Monday, September 20, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Spellbound

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and caldron bubble! Video has surfaced of Christine O’Donnell claiming that she had “dabbled in witchcraft.” I believe it. It’s hard to explain her success without at least considering that she has a deal with the Devil. What’s this woman’s recipe for electoral victory? Boil up a cauldron of Tea Party anger, and throw in some eye of newt and wing of bat? I’m just waiting for O’Donnell to blame all of her problems on her meddling mother, Endora. Now there’s only one way to settle this—throw Christine O’Donnell in a lake, and see if she floats.
In 1999 on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect,” Christine said “One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it.” She didn’t know it? That doesn’t speak well for her intelligence. “Nice dorm room, Jerry. What’s with all the pentagrams and black candles?” She went on to describe the date like this: “We went to a movie and then had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar.” What? No goat sacrifice? I think this is the first time that the words “satanic” and “picnic” have been used in the same sentence. Just how evil can something that involves potato salad be? What are you going to do? Conjure up the Lord of Darkness and offer him some cold chicken? “Welcome, my Dark Master! Hey! Weren’t you supposed to bring the dessert?”
The first thing O’Donnell did after the witchcraft comments surfaced was to cancel her appearances on all the Sunday morning talk shows. I don’t know—when you’re accused of witchcraft, is it wise to pull a disappearing act? (By the way, if appearing on all of the Sunday talk shows is called “the Full Ginsburg,” then I think that canceling appearances on all of the Sunday talk shows should be called the “Full Rand Paul.”) O’Donnell is trying to deflect the witchcraft thing by joking about it. At a rally in over the weekend, Christine joked “How many of you didn’t hang out with questionable folks in high school?” If you mean the guy who put booze in the prom punchbowl, yes. If you mean the guy with the satanic altar, that would be no. I never hung out with the Satan-worshiper crowd in high school. They were too busy palling around with the future conservatives. I’m willing to wait and see how all this witchcraft stuff pans out. We’ll know something’s up if a house ends up falling on Christine O’Donnell.
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A Blood Oath
Roll Call is reporting that congressman Steve King (R-IA) is now demanding a "blood oath" from House Minority Leader John Boehner to to shut down the Government. King said, "We must not blink," noting that money cannot be spent without the House voting to pass it. King added, "If the House says no, it's no." and if a government shutdown happens, he wants to ensure "there wouldn't be a repeat of 1995 where the House caved." Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce, and other business groups have already raised over $400 million to spend on destroying Democrats this November, and if they seize control of the House, expect a repeat of the disastrous 90s with unending investigations of the president and other Democrats, and a disaster for working people in America.

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