Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Randi Rhodes: The Whinning Rich

It seems that the rich really enjoy their fine whines. At yesterday’s town hall meeting, a Wall Street hedge fund manager told President Obama about the suffering his people undergo. He said “I represent the Wall Street community. We have felt like a piñata.” I know he was trying to be self-pitying, but the piñata analogy is actually illustrative in a number of ways. Wall Street types ARE like a piñata. They’re stuffed full of sweets while the rest of us are hungry. And the similarities don’t stop there. They’re suspended high above the rest of us. And now it looks like their plan is to have themselves hauled up even higher so they’re completely out of the reach of all of us blindfolded little children down below. Wall Street is also like a piñata in the sense that all of the goodies are sealed up in this artificial construction where they can’t do anybody any good. And now Wall Street wants to take all the rest of the candy and seal that up in piñatas too, so they can sit on it to ride their way through this recession.
Piñatas are made to be opened up eventually, you jerks! That’s why they’re at the party in the first place. If this hedge fund moron was putting together a child’s birthday party, he’d have the piñata out of reach for the kiddies the entire time. And what would you have then? A full piñata and a bunch of crying children. Happy Birthday! OK, at this point, the analogy breaks down, because now it’s the people who have the piñata all sealed up for themselves who are whining and crying. Half of the little kids who can’t get at the piñata don’t even know what’s going on. They’re just walking around blindfolded by entities like Fox News and FreedomWorks, swinging their sticks in whatever direction they’re told to.
The hedge fund guy had gone to law school with Barack Obama. Now he’s a hedge fund manager, and Obama is President of the United States. Thank God that President Obama told this moron that if he’s making a billion dollars a year while so many people are out of work, maybe he shouldn’t feel so put upon. This man’s secretary pays higher taxes than he does. And he probably had her write up the questions he wanted to whack Obama with at this town meeting—the questions about how poor hedge fund managers are always getting beat up on. Enjoy the whine. There’s more where that came from
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The chart below compares the Dem and GOP tax cut plans – click for full size (source: Washington Post)

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Voodoo Economic Death Panel
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) has announced that if Republicans regain control over Congress, they will destroy the sweeping Wall Street reform and shred the newly created consumer protection bureau. Shelby said, "The bill is so sweeping and such a game changer in many ways that it's incumbent upon us to revisit it." Translation to English: "if Republicans get power they're going to hand our economy and our money back to their Wall Street masters. Meanwhile, Jacob "Jack" Lew, a former top executive at Citigroup who assisted Former President Bill Clinton in the deregulation of Wall Street, was tapped by President Barack Obama for a top White House post. Sen. Bernie Sanders asked Lew if he believed that the "deregulation of Wall Street, pushed by people like Alan Greenspan [and] Robert Rubin, contributed significantly to the disaster we saw on Wall Street." Lew said, "...I don't believe that deregulation was the proximate cause." Apparently the Obama administration is joining the Bush and Clinton administrations in handing control of our economy back to a few billionaires on Wall Street. For the American middle class this in the real voodoo economic death panel.

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