Thursday, September 30, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Did God join the Tea Party?

Congress has officially wrapped up its work for this session. Well, they’ve wrapped up this session. The work is still there. Before they left, Congress voted on a stopgap spending measure to keep the government running. So they didn’t get much accomplished, but it was more than Jim DeMint wanted them to. Lawmakers were in a hurry to get back home to campaign before the elections. For people who don’t get a lot done at their jobs, they sure seem intent on keeping them.
It seems California GOP governor wannabe Meg Whitman may have knowingly employed an undocumented woman for years as a housekeeper. You’d think that someone who was willing to spend $119 million to get elected would have sprung for the extra money that legal household help costs. Really Meg, how much did you save by having an undocumented maid? You have enough money to hire Shirley Booth as a maid. Meg Whitman has enough money to hire Mr. Belvedere as a butler, Tony Danza as a housekeeper, Fran Drescher as a nanny, and still have enough left over to hire Morgan Freeman as a driver. With the kind of money Meg Whitman has, she could hire Carly Fiorina as a housekeeper. Just don’t put her in charge of anything. She’ll lay the rest of the staff off.

Christine O’Donnell says God is telling her to run for Senate. Right. People with a history of witchcraft should be careful about messages they think are coming from God. There’s no telling what dark powers you summoned up during all those satanic picnics. O’Donnell said “When all logic said it’s time to quit, we pursued, we marched on, because we knew God was not releasing us to quit.” Christine! If “all logic said it’s time to quit,” is it just possible that was a message from God? I guess in Christine’s world, God doesn’t communicate through logic. It seems like God in Christine’s world has a curious tendency to tell her to do exactly what she wants to do. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.
Finally, over 1 percent of the American population is in prison. That’s bigger than the viewership of Fox News. And it’s a nicer bunch of people.
Carl Paladino, the GOP candidate for governor/purveyor of racist & bestiality emails, is caught on camera threatening a reporter who asked for evidence to back up one of Paladino smears against his opponent:

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