Monday, September 26, 2011

Thom Hartmann: More Evidence the Psychopaths have taken over?

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Not only is Governor Rick Scott killing jobs in Florida - he's also bragging about it. Speaking at a CPAC conference last Friday - Scott touted his record of laying off public sector workers. With an unemployment rate at 10.7% - way above the national average - Scott said, "We've had plenty of success so far...we have 15,000 less government jobs in the state of Florida." Upon hearing that - his audience cheered - which isn't too big of a surprise since Republicans have cheered executions, sick people dying, and homophobia - why not cheer job losses too. Then Scott repeated the same right-wing talking point that "government doesn't create jobs." Right - tell that to the mailman, the police officer, and the teacher.
Since President Obama took office - more than half a million government workers have been laid off in mostly Republican states - which is the real reason why our nation's unemployment rate is still above 9%.
(What kind of person celebrates cutting peoples' jobs? Tell us here.)

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