Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thom Hartmann: First it was Vermont - now it's Montana...Single Payer Healthcare

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First it was Vermont - now it's Montana. Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana said he plans to ask the federal government to exempt his state from requirements in the Affordable Care Act - so that he can set up a universal, single-payer system like in Canada.
Earlier this year - the state of Vermont started moving in the same direction too. Governor Schweitzer said he wants to create a system modeled after the Canadian province of Saskatchewan - where less is spent on healthcare - but there are better results and people live longer.
Today - Canada has a nationwide single-payer system - but it started with one province - Saskatchewan - and spread across the rest of the nation. Let's hope we see the same thing sweep across America.
(Do you think your state will follow suit? Tell us here.)

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