Friday, September 2, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Jobs Report & Schooling Santorum

It's Friday, ya bastids!

The August employment figure is in... and it’s zero. That’s right—there is nothing to report for August. No really, the August report is nothing. We didn’t add any jobs at all. We did nothing last month. Or to be more accurate, Republicans managed to exactly undo everything we did. All we can do is play the “glass half full” game. Yes, the zero means that we didn’t add any jobs last month. But it also means we didn’t lose any jobs. The sad thing is that these crappy numbers are partly due to the fact that the Republicans spent a good chunk of the month holding the nation hostage to the debt ceiling increase. The sadder thing is that that was their plan. By the way, these employment numbers are compiled by the Department of Labor. If Republicans were totally in charge, you can be sure you wouldn’t be seeing numbers like this. You wouldn’t be seeing any numbers, because Republicans would get rid of the Department of Labor.

Here is an interesting clip of Rick Santorum getting schooled by a college student about his opposition to gay marriage and gay parenting. Thankfully, the clip stops before he starts talking about man-on-dog parenting. I would rather have children raised by gay parents than to be raised by Rick Santorum. Heck, I’d rather see children raised by a travelling road company of “La Cage” than be raised by Rick Santorum.

This summer, Rick Santorum said during an interview that Obama claimed to have created 280 million jobs, when he only really created 240 million jobs, which means a loss of 30 million jobs. Do not put those numbers into a computer, or I’m pretty sure you’ll fry the motherboard. Rick Santorum’s incomprehensible rant contained more errors than the combined SAT tests of the Kardashian sisters. There are only about 150 million people in the American workforce. If Obama had actually created 280 million jobs, almost everyone would have two jobs. And Republicans would still be asking where the jobs are.

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