Thursday, September 1, 2011

Randi Rhodes: No Respect

Well, President Obama went face to face with John Boehner, and President Obama blinked. My guess? It must have been Boehner’s breath. President Obama has relented to demands by John Boehner that he pick another night for his speech on jobs before a joint session of Congress. You know, for a bunch of people who are always asking President Obama “where are the jobs,” the Republicans don’t seem to want to give him a chance to tell them. The President agreed to move his speech back one day to Thursday. Hey, a lot of Americans have been out of work for months. What’s one more day to wait for a jobs speech, right?

President Obama was smart to reschedule the speech. By doing so, he looks more mature than the Republican leadership. But then the girls on the show “16 and Pregnant” look more mature than the Republican leadership. By delivering his speech the day after the Republican debate, Obama gets the last word. Because you know if the Republicans get the last word, the last word will always be “no.”

This is the only time in American history that the President of the United States has been publicly denied his request to address a joint session of Congress. But then we’ve never had this exact situation before, and by “this exact situation,” I mean a black President. Republicans would never have reacted like this if it weren’t for the fact that the President of the United States is black. And yes, I’m saying that just to annoy the ‘baggers, because there’s certainly no need to remind them of it.

John Boehner has also snubbed President Obama at every White House state dinner he has hosted. You know something is going on there, if John Boehner is turning down a chance for free drinks. There seems to be no level of disrespect that Republicans won’t sink to when it comes to this President. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fumigate the Oval Office if he has to leave it.

This could be bad news for the President. More people watch the show “The Jersey Shore” than watch the Republican debates. And this schedule change puts the President on the same night as the Jersey Shore! On the upside, Obama will definitely look very presidential when viewers contrast him with Snooki and The Situation doing Jell-O shots. If the Republicans are compared with the kids on the Jersey Shore, they wouldn’t fare so well. Frankly, if there was an emergency, I would rather see J-Woww in charge of disaster relief than Ron Paul.

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