Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Bromancing Christie

Chris Christie keeps turning down pleas for him to run for president. Now if he could just do the same thing for the cheesecake. Republicans are begging Chris Christie to save them by riding in on a white horse. Better make that a very big and strong white horse. But then Chris Christie can always ride in on a helicopter and limo paid for by the taxpayers of New Jersey. Hey GOP, forget drafting Christie. He can’t save you. You could go through every single Republican in this country without finding a decent candidate—and you’re just about halfway there. The Republican base is saying they’re unhappy with their candidates. They’re just a bunch of losers—but then you could say that just as easily about the Republican base as you can about the candidates.

At a town-hall meeting with the president yesterday, a man asked Obama to please raise his taxes. And I’m sure that now the rightwing nutcases will think that that guy is the Anti-Christ. The man said to Obama “Would you please raise my taxes?” The crowd applauded. I’m sure that conservatives will be just as disgusted by that as normal people were when conservatives cheered for death: “Did you hear the crowd cheering for taxes? Honestly, what is wrong with people?” The man is a former director of marketing at Google. Well, that partly explains why he’s willing to pay taxes. He actually earned his money.

Later, a nutty heckler at an Obama speech yelled that Obama is the Anti-Christ. I know what you’re thinking, but it wasn’t Michele Bachmann. She’s just going to have to find other ways to bring attention to her floundering campaign. As the man was being escorted out, President Obama tried to make sure that he didn’t accidentally leave behind his jacket. I’m no theologian, but I don’t think the Anti-Christ would do that.

And on Dancing with the Stars last night, Nancy Grace had a minor nipple slip (NSFW). Well, the slip was minor. But that’s a major nipple. The first words out of the head judge Len Goodman’s mouth were “how refreshing!” So I’m guessing he did not see it. It’s no big deal. Viewers of Dancing with the Stars see nipples every week. It’s just that they usually belong to Maks.

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