Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Wednesday July 28th 2010

One Minnesotan decided to answer the question posed by this GWB “Miss Me Yet?” billboard (ha!):
NEW: Federal judge blocks key parts of AZ’s immigration law from going into effect tomorrow

Robert Reich has a great piece on corporate profits and the jobs situation—the bottom line versus the unemployment line. Corporate profits are soaring while jobs remain stagnant. That’s what happens when business doesn’t involve making anything… except money. Companies are expanding—overseas. If you want to know where the jobs are, go down to the ocean and look beyond those oil-stained beaches. GM makes and sells more cars in China than they do in the US. These days, GM stands for “Goodbye, Michigan.”

There’s also a disconnect between corporate profits and consumer confidence. Duh. You know what builds consumer confidence? Having a steady paycheck. Consumers without jobs stop consuming. It’s like Wall Street keeps trying to milk a cow that they refuse to feed. At a certain point, the milk stops flowing.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee want hearings on the New Black Panther Party. What are we supposed to determine—if either of those two guys pose a threat to the United States? That’s just what America needs in 2010—an investigation into the Black Panthers. They’re going to have to conduct this investigation with the Cold Case Unit. America is facing threats from a lot of sources, but a threat from the sixties is not one of them. Finally, NASA says this is the hottest year on record. What is it going to take for conservatives to admit that it’s getting hotter… beyond the fact that it’s getting hotter, I mean?

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