Monday, July 12, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Monday July 12th 2010

Just our luck, we take a little time off, and stuff keeps happening. Spain beat Holland yesterday in the World Cup final, by a score of 1-0. I swear there is less scoring at a soccer game than at a Star Trek convention. 1-0 doesn’t sound like the score of a major sports championship. It sounds like the vote totals in a Utah state Democratic primary.
Meanwhile, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has been falsely claiming that illegal immigrants were responsible for beheadings in Arizona . Wow, I thought all those guys hanging out in the parking lot of the Home Depot were job hunters, not headhunters.
BP says that they may be able to place a containment cap on the spewing oil well as early as today. Of course, if you’ve been paying attention for the past 84 days, you realize that should read “as late as today.” Great, we finally may be reaching the point where the BP oil well is spewing fewer toxics than Mel Gibson is. Yes, new audio of Mel Gibson going off on a racist rant has been released. Mel has quite a history of this kind of stuff. I think he has enough audio for a box set now. How many racists rants has Mel Gibson had recorded? This guy is to hate speech what Frank Zappa was to guitar instrumentals. All Mel does is spew racism and hatred. Isn’t it time we got this guy out of the movies, and onto right wing talk radio?
Sarah Palin has released a video. It’s about as deep as a Justin Beiber video, and as crazy as a Lady Gaga video. The video is being described as recycled platitudes, which is rather kind to Sarah Palin, seeing as how she probably doesn’t know what a platitude is. She probably thinks it’s a duck-billed marsupial mammal native to Australia .
Finally, a fourth of Americans now have credit scores below 600. Yeesh. If Americans’ credit scores get much lower, they’re going to start looking like soccer scores.>>> MORE

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