Friday, July 23, 2010

My Fixe Magazine Interview - w/Photos on their Site

Interview With Stacy Burke
Stacy Burke: Fetish Chick & Playboy Hugh Hefner ex-Girlfriend as seen on E! The Girls Next Door, Kendra, Bridget`s Sexiest Beaches & Riki Rachtman`s World Famous Cathouse!

By Cary

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?
Since I can Remember, so at a very early age -I was always a Fan of 'In Peril' type of TV Shows like UnderDog, Speed Racer, Batman & Robin, etc. I liked it when Polly Pure-Bread would get tied up & Underdog had to rescue her, I had a Crush on Speed Racer -and Batman & Robin was nothing but a BIG Fetish Show -the costumes the bondage, the knock-out gas, the in peril, etc- love it!

Do you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?
Yes & No -I do not make a point of doing anything in my personal life if my partner is not on board with it -however, now that I am married, my Husband do like to play a bit -we go to fetish events -we have been to swing parties -we do like to spank & dominate each other.

Are there any fetishes that you don't find appealing?
Any Fetish that breaks the Consent Rule I believe is Criminal, I do not like it & it gives Fetish a Bad Name. That includes Crushing Bugs & Having Sex with Animals -Until you can get them to sign a consent form -it should be illegal & the guilty should be jailed!

What excites you about fetish modeling?
It is always a New Adventure. There is always a New Fetish I learn about. It keeps things exciting, never boring. It is like being a kid -I get to play Dress up every day of my life -and the people in the fetish world are amazing -they are the sweetest, most loyal, non-judgmental & extremely supportive!

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in?

What are your least favorites?
Something Un-flattering, like big baggy clothes.

Do you think pinup and fetish are becoming part of the mainstream culture?
Oh yes -but it has always been & also not been. Fetish has always came in & Out of Mainstream Fashion -but more so in fashion now that the internet brought it out of hiding. Fetish Fashion has always been big with Glam, Goth, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly and Now with Pop -look at Lady GaGa, Rianna, Xtina, Maddona, etc.

What kind of music do you like?
My favorite type music is Surf Punk -I love The Adolescents, Agent Orange, Dick Dale, David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Alice Cooper, Elvis....etc -but all in all, I love All Music

What do you like to do for fun?
Try New Things -Life is Soooo short -I wish there were more hours in the Day. Whenever I pass a 'Help Wanted' sign -I always stop -I would like to try every Job in the World at least once! I love going to every Event/Place/Fair I can possibly go to. I love the Outdoors. However my favorite thing to do is to hang on the beach & BBQ with my Friends & Family.

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