Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Friend 'Reg'

About 12yrs ago I was working a Convention and I met this 'Fan Guy' there. He was a Fan of Fetish Models. He would come to all of my Convention Appearances and stay all day. Some might find this uncomfortable -but I feel ok with it. He would help me out by carrying my booth stuff, watching my booth while I had to go to the Bathroom, getting me something to eat etc. He was very helpful & I enjoyed seeing him at these events, I considered him a friend. Let`s call him 'Reg'.
Reg is a part-time sub-situte teacher with a bachelor degree in physiology -however you can tell he doesn`t work that much -because he doesn`t have much money & a lot of free time.
About 3years ago he came by the Bar I was working at to Visit me on my Birthday, have Lunch & Say Hi. That night I knew my Husband was throwing me a 'Surprise' Birthday Party -so I invited Reg. My Hubby didn`t really realized I invited someone to my 'Surprise' birthday party until later when he found out I knew all along.
Reg got to know my Hubby & all of our Friends in which we call 'The LBC Wack Pack'. They all got along very well. We invited Reg to our Monday Night Dinners in which I cook Dinner or Roy, my Hubby, Grills on the Roof -then we All watch a Movie or Sports on TV after Dinner. We also invite Reg to our Events & functions, we consider him a friend & part of the LBC Wack Pack.
Ever since we have known Reg, we noticed his clothes are sometimes a bit dirty, at times he smells really bad and his car is always messy & full of stuff. We suspected he might either be living out of his car or has a really small dirty cheap apartment. One time his car broke down & we offered to give him a ride home while it was being fixed. He told us to drive him to Huntington Beach -but he said not to drop him off at his house because he was embarrassed of his place, so we dropped him off Close to his place. We never pry-ed for information, we knew he might not want to tell us anything. Instead we just offered him to come around more if he wanted. I would let him stay at our house if we were going away, to watch our place, feed the cats, water the plants, etc. I would buy him some new clothes every so often.
On July 3rd we had a Pre-4th of July beach party. Reg was there all day. That night he went to go home -walked to his car -but his car was gone. He came back to our place & told us his car was Stolen. We freaked out -told Reg that we need to call the Cops -Reg did not want that -Reg said just to let it go. That did not make sence to us. We asked Reg many questions. FINALLY hours Later we FINALLY Get the Truth from Reg.
Reg`s Car was towed because the registration was expired. Reg cannot register his car because it will never pass smog. Reg has to just let the car go. Reg admitted that he has been living in his car and that all his stuff is in it. Reg has not worked in a long time and has no money. We told Reg that we will figure this out -in the meantime -he can stay with us.
Reg got to get his stuff out of his car. We let him clean up at our house. I washed his clothes. We found Reg a GREAT Shelter Program close by to us locally. They set him up in a hotel room of his very own for Only $5- a Night. They give Reg a $28- a day allowance for food & necessities. They help him find a Job, which they say will be easy because of his education. They do have rules, in which Reg is not a fan of. One of the rules is a 6pm curfew. Reg will not be able to come to our Monday Night Dinners for awhile, but we told him that is okay, that there will be many other Daytime activities that we can do. This program is awesome. It is comforting to know that this type of program exist!
There will probably be more updates on Reg, but so far that is where we are now. Reg just needs to stick with this program. He said he was in one similar a long time ago, but did not stick with it. We told him if he did that to us, and abandoned this program that we worked so hard in getting him into, that he will not be allowed back to our house. Not to be mean, but we cannot in-able him to remain in dire straits. This is the best for Reg. I will post updates as they transform.
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