Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Wednesday July 14th 2010

The NAACP yesterday adopted a resolution calling on the Tea Party to stop tolerating bigotry and racism. Uh oh. Time for the Tea Party people to start making swastika-filled signs with the NAACP leadership portrayed as Hitler. Maybe a nice protest sign with NAACP spokesman Ben Jealous dressed up as a witch doctor would be in order. Or maybe this is a good time for the Tea Party to parade out its black membership—I hope that guy is still around. The resolution didn't call the Tea Party racist, it just called on them to repudiate the racist element in the Tea Party. Which is kind of like asking the people at a comic book convention to repudiate the nerd element. You might as well ask NAMBLA to kick out all the sickos.
Meanwhile, the North Iowa Tea Party has put up a billboard comparing Obama to Hitler and to Lenin. The pathetic thing is that they probably threw in Lenin to soften it. By the way... the NORTH Iowa Tea Party? Doesn’t the Tea Party have a big enough tent for all the racists in Iowa? The only thing worse than racism is factionalized racism. If you can't get along with black people, North Iowa Tea Partiers, at least you could get along with South Iowa racists.
UPDATE: The North Iowa Tea Party requested that the billboard be taken down. Ha!
Rush Limbaugh is marking the death of George Steinbrenner by saying "That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires." George Steinbrenner’s death? Really? Is there any event that Rush Limbaugh can’t turn into a platform for racism? This guy has ruined more funerals than Fred Phelps. Besides, those African-American ball players made themselves millionaires. George Steinbrenner just signed the checks.
Finally, a U.S. Appeals Court has struck down the FCC’s policy on indecency. Wow. Does that mean I can respond to this story without having to call it "a bunch of bull pucky"? If this ruling stands, a lot of people at the TNT network are going to be out of work—all the people who dream up and record all the bizarre phrases to replace swearing in the movies. This is a flippin' disaster! Son of a buck! You may never hear someone called a "melon-thumping rainslicker" again!Today's Homework Unbelievable...

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