Monday, May 17, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter Monday May 17th 2010

new first: a Muslim of Lebanese descent has won the Miss USA pageant, prompting immediate outrage from nutjob conservative bloggers.While voter turnout thus far hasn’t mirrored the Tea Party-fueled media hype over the 2010 elections, all eyes are still on tomorrow’s primaries in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.The AZ Trifecta: anti-immigration, no ethnic studies, fire teachers with accents. Sarah Palin was in Arizona over the weekend to exclaim “we’re all Arizonans now”, but the half-term former governor of Alaska may not have the juice she once did. Ms. Palin’s mob has begun to turn on her in recent days over matters of mismatched group-think.Scientists say there could be at least five times more oil than BP admits gushing into the Gulf each day – much of it in large plumes underwater. Fox News’ Brit Hume shrugs it off (video below). And look out Florida , the oil may already be in the Loop Current.>>> MORE

Live Like Limbaugh It will now only cost you $12.95 million to call Rush's NYC pad your own - the price has been cut $1 million since coming onto the market in March.

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