Saturday, May 8, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Friday May 7th 2010

April marks four straight months of job creation – 290,000 jobs were added last month (231,000 private sector adds). February and March also were revised upwards. The unemployment rate ticked up to 9.9% as 805,000 people started looking for work again as hope begins to creep back.

While the bleeding has slowed or even stopped for much of Main Street , there have been 3 million small business jobs cut since the start of the recession and that hole still needs refilling.

Productivity also continues to rise partially on the backs of workers fearing for their jobs. And Thursday’s DOW plunge leaves behind a lot of questions.

Freaky Florida
Big day for weird news out of the Sunshine State... RentBoy speaks out, full body scanner jokes lead to assault, and once again anti-animal sex legislation fails.

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