Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Tuesday May 18th 2010

Today’s a big day for testing the appetite of voters for incumbents in 2010.

Meanwhile, a couple of scandals are brewing: a Dem who didn’t serve in Vietnam gets popped, and a Repub who was sleeping with a staffer resigns.

Paul Krugman: Rightwing extremists controlling the GOP is nothing new; the media just hasn’t bothered telling you about it until now.

Photo Gallery: Oil Spill in the Gulf

Tar balls have been found off of Key West – lab tests will determine the origin. While lobbying to cap their spill liability, Transocean announces that they will payout $1 billion in shareholder dividends. Obama will establish an independent commission to investigate the Gulf spill like the ones used to examine the Space Shuttle Challenger and Three Mile Island disasters. And the AP reports on how the Gulf oil spill is just one more Big Oil kick in the gut for Native Americans.

Conservatives continue to go nuts over the new Miss USA Rima Fakih. On top of the racist rants, Fakin is also at the center of stripper controversy – which was just a non-nude poll dancing radio station contest (see the photos). Apparently, digging up dirt on beauty queens has become quite the pastime.

Also, ThinkProgress interviewed NRA members at their annual conference in North Carolina… some things just never change (video below). A California state senator wants to be sure that the Texas Board of Education’s revised take on history doesn’t make it into his state’s schools. And the spawn of Sarah, Bristol Palin inks a deal to receive $15-30K per speech.These stories, your calls, and much more on today’s Randi Rhodes Show!

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