Thursday, May 20, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Thursday May 20th 2021

The extremists that have seized control of the Republican Party are so out of step with the mainstream that if we could stop feuding over wedge issues and quibbling over labels, there is real hope that millions of Americans will stop voting against their own best interests and instead unite to force our government to serve the majority versus the super-wealthy minority and anti-worker corporate interests.
Rand Paul in Kentucky is a great example – viewed at first blush as an independent Washington outsider and propelled forward by a corporatist-backed phony grassroots effort that preys upon the legitimate economic fears of working class Americans, this freak would like to see the Departments of Commerce, Education and Agriculture dismantled and the Civil Rights and Americans with Disabilities Acts shredded.

Paul also considers Medicare to be “socialized medicine” and has suggested that a $2,000 deductible would be good way to control costs, and he thinks other social programs should essentially be starved to death.VIDEO: Rand Paul interviewed by Louisville Courier-Journal (Civil Rights Act question 1 hour in)VIDEO: Rand Paul interviewed last night by Rachel MaddowNot even Ronald Reagan (or Nixon, Ford, Bush I or Bush II) is far-right enough today for the political party that lionizes him.>>> MORE

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