Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Tuesday May 24th 2010

The heat on Obama intensifies over the Gulf oil spill, but industry experts are saying that government doesn’t have the people needed to do it any better than BP. That hasn’t stopped Sen. Ben Nelson (D-FL) from calling for a military takeover of the oil spill operation.Meanwhile, the toxic dispersant standoff between BP and the EPA persists. Big Oil oversight: oxymoronic, to say the least. And GOP Gulf Coast senators push for more drilling. VIDEO: Transocean’s CEO doing a Bollywood dance last year to celebrate his company safety record.Also, while Arizona ’s governor has resorted to a puppet show to sell the state’s new anti-immigrant law, global leaders weigh in on its monumental significance. Obama takes another step towards repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And Eugene Robinson explores Rand Paul’s Libertarian La-La Land.Death threats against Members of Congress have risen sharply - common threads: male gun owners with a history of mental illness. Private sector wages hit a record low. Construction jobs slowly start to creep back. And David Byrne is suing Charlie Crist for using a Talking Heads song in an ad.>>> MORE

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