Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tea Baggers -Re-joyce!!

Good News for anyone who does not Like or Want America`s New Health Care System!! Anyone who does not want anything to do with it, all you got to do is, go to: -fill out the forms & tada -you are Free from it!! Yippee - now we all can get over this & move on - yeaa!!!

Randi Rhodes Daily Newsletter April 1, 2010
In honor of April Fool’s Day, let’s do a quick roundup of some of the right wing’s current pranks. We only wish that these were jokes. The GOP started a few days early with a brilliant hoax that they could have healthcare reform declared unconstitutional. The problem is finding anyone whom was fooled by that one. The University of Washington held a debate on the constitutionality of healthcare reform—and were unable to find a single credible expert who believes it’s not constitutional. I say that means the debate is over. Hey U of W, why not have the debate mirror reality? Have an expert present the pro-healthcare argument, and then for the other side have a bunch of angry idiots yell about socialism. And now a lot of Republicans are starting to worry that the whole “repeal” strategy may end up being a joke on them. There are only two things wrong with the “repeal” strategy—repeal is a dumb idea, and it’s impossible to pull off. So in a sense they cancel each other out. That would make a nice campaign slogan: “Vote Republican! There’s no way we can actually do the crazy stuff we’re talking about doing!”It’s no laughing matter for those who won’t go along with the joke. Conservative lawmakers in Georgia are trying to impeach the state’s Attorney General because he won’t file a pointless lawsuit to try and block healthcare reform. What are they going to impeach him for? “Willful and deliberate execution of his duties”? Personally, I think the King of Fools should be John Boehner for his reaction to President Obama’s plan to expand offshore oil drilling. Boehner said “the Obama Administration continues to defy the will of the American people” by not drilling EVERYWHERE. NOW! But then Republicans wouldn’t be satisfied if President Obama issued an executive order that literally said “Drill, baby, drill!” Read the full blog...

Teen Bullying: Special Series"As nine Massachusetts teens face landmark charges for harassing 15-year-old Phoebe Prince so brutally she killed herself, The Daily Beast’s Lucinda Franks reports on the startling trend of bullying in a three-part investigation." See the posts here.
50% of People Age 14-24 Have Experienced Digitally Abusive Behavior, 3 in 10 Young People Report Having Been Involved in Some Type of Naked Sexting, and Other 21st Century Must-Knows."As part of its multi-year public affairs campaign to address the emerging issue of teen digital abuse, MTV partnered with the AP on a study that provides an in depth look at the prevalence of digital abuse among young people today. This research was designed to quantify how young people are affected by and respond to issues like sexting, digital harassment and digital dating abuse." Read the results here.
Bullying and Child Abuse Decline Dramatically"There’s been a sharp drop in the percentage of America’s children being bullied or beaten up by their peers, according to a new national survey by experts who believe anti-bullying programs are having an impact." Full post here.

Tea Party – Too Small, Broke and Disorganized to Warrant the Attention Heaped Upon Them."For all the fountains of vitriol and frantic media coverage aimed at the Tea Partiers, the movement doesn’t have the money or sophistication to win anything, much less roll back the new health-care law." Article continued here.
Toby Keith Joins LL Cool J in Shock at Being Used for Palin’s Fox News Show"Fox News has been promoting Sarah Palin’s first episode of 'Real American Stories', set to air on Thursday, with 'In Their Own Words' segments featuring celebrities talking about their lives. Last night on Twitter, rapper LL Cool J objected to being included in the show, saying that Fox was 'misrepresenting' one of his interviews from 2008 (which was not conducted by Palin). LL Cool J’s spokesperson said that the interview 'was being repurposed without LL’s permission'. Fox ended up cutting LL Cool J’s interview out of Palin’s show." Click here for more.
The Other America – How to Make $4 Billion Dollars Off a Crippling Recession. "The Lazarus-like recovery of the nation’s big banks did not benefit just the bankers — it also created huge paydays for hedge fund managers, including a record $4 billion gain in 2009 for one bold investor who bet big on the financial sector." Read more here.
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