Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Life as a Deadbeat

I am responsible for Paying for 1/2 of the Bills of the Household as well as all the Household Duties +Plus... not complaining - I love it - just setting it straight.... speaking up for myself......making it known.... that I Hold My Own....

My Minimum Monthly Bills:
1. Gas in Car
2. Groceries (My Husband gives me $50- a week - I pay for the Rest)
3. Avon Bills (Shipping, Supplies etc)
4. Cable/Internet Bill
5. Sparkletts Water
6. My Webmaster
7. My Web Host
8. 2 Cell Phone Bills (for Both me & Roy)
9. Car Insurance
10. Electric Bill
11. Domains Renew (I have about 70 domains)
12. Car Registation (divided to monthly amount)
13. Business Mail Box Rental (divided to monthly fee)

My Husbands Minimum Monthly Bills:
2. Medical Bills

My Duties:
1. Driving at least 2 hours a day taking Hubby to & From Work.
2. Driving Hubby to Doctor Appt. & to where ever he wants/needs to go.
3. Cooking
4. All Cleaning (Dishes, House, Car, Pets etc)
5. Grocery Shopping.

Husband Duties:
1. Taking Out Trash
2. Fixing things if Broke.

My Job:
1. Modeling
2. Web Master/Design
3. Conventions/Travels
4. Avon Lady
5. Web Sales

Husband Job:
1. Business Consultant

Side Notes:
I do not go to Salons
I do not go Shopping for Clothes
I clip Coupons & Always buy stuff on sale
I cut & Color My Own Hair
I do my Own Nails
I never ask to go out for dinner
I try to save money every chance I get.
I do not Pay for a Gym - I run on Beach & Workout at Home.


Joe said...

Love reading your blogs, but just wondering why you frequently post these declarations. Does someone in your life think you're not contributing enough? I think you do too much for Roy personally but whatever makes you happy. I mean, where's his declaration of duties? Seems like you do 80 to his 20.

angelfisherjo said...

Stacy you do it all, as most women do! Hope you get your thank yous as much as you deserve them!
But feel proud you contribute you so much, even if you WEREN'T able to contribute to all the bills, taking care of household is a job in itself!

I feel bad, as I gave up work just to full time concentrate on kids and house whilst hubby is off running business overseas.. but can't win, just trying to do what's best for the time being! :)

Tony said...

@Joe I'm sure if Stacy felt it was uneven she would speak her mind . Stacy is far from a pushover and Roy
is a great guy