Monday, April 26, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Monday April 26th 2010

Arizona: the punchline that just isn’t that funny anymore. Arizona’s new immigration bill won’t take effect for months (if ever), but it has already thoroughly divided the people. Phoenix’s mayor Phil Gordon comes out hard against the law and hopes the nation can separate the good people of Arizona from their lunatic government. And while the new law screams out loud for the need of federal immigration reform legislation, Republican leadership is already rejecting the idea. Meanwhile, an Arizona militia is recruiting vets with ‘kill records’ (video below), a move cheered by Freepers and neo-Nazis. A gun-toting man with police scanner gear, a car equipped with sirens, rifle scope formulas is detained at same NC airport Obama was flying out of yesterday – he said he wanted to see the president. And two Illinois lawmakers want the National Guard called into the streets of Chicago.On the jobs front, the economy continues to recover, but despite some good news, most of the jobs lost may still be months or years away from returning – perhaps because the unemployment crisis has barely touched the highest earners, while the poorest are reliving the Great Depression. Now is the time for a real public jobs plan!Internal emails show that Goldman Sachs execs were both aware of and thrilled about the housing collapse. Senate Dems are ready to push forward on financial reform, but the GOP plans to continue to block it.Barack Obama eulogized the 29 mine workers killed in West Virginia yesterday. Video: Part 1 Part 2Also today, our soldiers are being warehoused and drugged, Jon Stewart proves to be more of a journalist than Fox & Friends, for Sarah Palin it’s all about the Benjamins, and George W. Bush’s memoir is due out in November; it’ll cost $35, but you can get it now for nearly half-price. Flashback: Bush grabs a quick payday last year as a ‘motivational speaker’ – tickets started at just $4.95 a piece.These stories, your calls, and much more on today’s Randi Rhodes Show.

Armed Militia Forming At Border Video:

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