Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Randi Rhodes Daily Newsletter Tuesday April 6 20010

Well, it’s Tuesday, and time for “Republicans Behaving Badly, Oddly, Or Just Plain Disturbingly.” First up: in the wake of the “Bondage Gate” scandal, RNC Chairman Michael Steele is saying that, as an African American, he is given a slimmer margin of error. I’d say you used up that slim margin, Michael. In fact, you’ve used up the slim, medium, husky, and extra-large margins of error. Now, it may be that Steele is in fact given a smaller margin of error. But at this point he’s clearly used up the margin of error that Republicans would give to a black man—or a white man. Hell, he’s used up the margin of error that Republicans would give to Ronald Reagan. And if you recall, that was pretty generous. In related news, Steele chose to take responsibility for Bondage Gate by firing somebody else. RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay has resigned. Whenever there’s a sex scandal, you don’t want to have a job title like “Chief of Staff.” It should be pointed out that McKay did not get fired, he resigned. But dare I say, I suspect that his hands were tied. Next up: in a Newsweek interview, John McCain says “ I never considered myself a maverick.” Yeesh. Just how long before John McCain starts denying that he’s John McCain? Poor Sarah Palin evidently didn’t get the update. A month ago at a rally for McCain, Sarah Palin used the phrase “McCain the Maverick” four times in a 15-minute speech. John, why did you have to go and switch the “maverick” thing on Sarah Palin? She probably wrote it on her hand. I’m sure if you look there, it says “M-a-v-r-e-k.” But wait, there’s more! Rush Limbaugh has accused President Obama of “character assassination.” Oh? How do you engage in character assassination against a man who has no character? Read the full blog...

WOUNDED ELEPHANTSMichael Steele plays the race cardWatch the video here .

How RNC Chair Went From Decrying It To Playing It "When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) last December compared opponents of health care reform to senators who supported slavery in the 19th century, RNC Chairman Michael Steele was apoplectic." Full post here. S teele: The Buck Stops With Me, So I’ll Fire That Guy "Republican National Committee chief of staff Ken McKay resigned Monday, becoming the highest-ranking official to depart the committee after revelations that the national party spent nearly $2,000 at California sex club." Story continued here.
OTHER IRS CAN’T FINE YOU OR SEIZE PROPERTY FOR NON PAYMENT OF HCR FINES "The Internal Revenue Service could tap individual tax returns to collect fines against people who fail to buy health insurance as required under recently enacted healthcare legislation, the U.S. tax commissioner said on Monday." Read more here.
WOMEN IN MAINE MARCH TOPLESS"About two dozen women took a walk down Congress Street topless Saturday, attracting a large crowd as they tried to preach that partial female nudity is not worthy of attracting a crowd." Bounce over here for more.
53 BECK HEADS DUPED BY FRATERNITY"They may have begun the night angry at our government, but last Saturday, 53 Glenn Beck fans got a new insidious and possibly corrupt faction to hate: a small towing company in Central Florida! (cue dramatic music)" Click here to read more.

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