Friday, April 2, 2010

Roy always Scares the Crap Out of Me!!

I get scared easily -Roy can walk into room -always scares me by him suddenly walking into room without me seeing, talking, loudly, sharply, yelling or sneaking up behind me.Hate 2be scared -I mean I REALLY HATE it -sometimes I feel like my heart stops -& takes 4ever 2be back 2normal -feels like a rock in chest.Usually I drive hubby 2 & from work -I aready drove Roy to work earlier - Im doing my daily routine -I assume Roy is still at work - I am alone in apt. taking shower -door closed 2bedroom with heater l get out of shower -bedroom door opens and thru the shower fog l see man coming in -l scream bloody murder -the loudest longest scream l scream -l finally focus thru fog that it is Roy -even though I am relived -I still scream -my heart feels like a wet hard potato -beating so hard & loud -l`m shakingRoy just turns around & leaves -he gets sooo mad when I get scared -& I get mad that he continues 2do this -I have warned him several times.Ive told him 2make sound 1st b4 entering -besides -I didn`t expect him home yet -my heart is still pounding -it made me cry l was so scared!When I get scared I swear alot -I said WTF? Why you always do that -etc -etc- lots of swear words -I said a lot of things - Didn`t mean them -the scared was talking.Roy got all huffy -and went to gym -I guess he got a ride home from work & came home early -but decided not 2 tell me -OMG -I need a mimosa!

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